Three Precious Jewels- Reflection of my Life

With a new year around the corner, I was reflecting on how I could utilize the freedom of making choices, owning consequences that come with it, and evolve into a wiser self with each passing day. We learn so much when interacting with people from different walks of life and thankfully my coaching, mentoring, volunteering, social communication, professional interactions have given me a plethora of opportunities to – have unique experiences, set new goals, and introspect on what I want from my life. In this process, I have learned three valuable lessons which I consider is my responsibility to share with you all. 

Aren’t we all socially intelligent creatures and learn as a tribe? So here you go with my three precious jewels.

1. Explore: We are finite beings with infinite possibilities

Even a worst-case situation offers a minimum of two choices for us to select. Each choice we make leads us down a new path. Imagine how many choices we make in a day, week, month, year, and lifetime. Our life is a sum of the choices we make each day. Life offers a million possibilities for each one of us. Explore life, make new choices, make better choices, make scary choices that will lead you to new lands.

Explore life with an open mind, let go of assumptions, presumptions, inhibitions, and tinted glasses. Each choice you make presents new challenges, new learnings, new rewards. New does not always mean good or bad, it just means there is so much to understand about life.

We are finite beings with infinite possibilities

Don’t confine yourself to one place, one job, one set of friends, or one belief system. Explore life, learn new skills, try new things, visit new places, meet new people, challenge yourself, make yourself uncomfortable to the extent that you will surprise yourself at the end of every day. Until you leave the shore, you will never witness the magnificence of the ocean. This new year, resolve to make yourself uncomfortable and try new things as much as possible.

2. Experience- You won’t get the taste of it until you try it.

I always tell my daughter to try before rejecting something then decide she likes it, but never to conclude without trying it. When you explore life you will come across several new possibilities, try them if they fall under your value system, go ahead, and enjoy experiencing them, experience them by yourself, do not go with others’ perceptions. You never know you may end up liking it. Life has much more to offer than we can ever experience in one life. Experience things at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. And see how it impacts your life. Experience new learnings, foods, cultures, and new roles. You don’t have to always reinvent the wheel, but these new experiences will add to your life story, and you will have thousands of anecdotes to share with your grandchildren.

You won’t get the taste of it until you try it.

I have tried so many things and I now know what works and what does not, what I like and what does not align with my values and goals, what makes sense to me and what does not. Others’ experiences are not yours, neither is it real. You need to feel it, go through it to experience it, and then make a choice whether to keep the habit or to just keep the learnings from it and move on.

3. Evolve - Explore and experience to Evolve into an Enriched person.

If we do not evolve, we are extinct. Evolution is not an option it’s the only way for survival in this ever-changing world. Evolution takes time, it’s a gradual process, you may not see results in days, weeks, or sometimes even in months, but one day you will surprise yourself and the world by transforming into a new person. A person with diverse expertise, versatile experiences, and a wide range of flavors of life. Keep evolving, keep growing.

Explore and experience to Evolve into an Enriched person

Evolve into a new person with each passing day, a new person who has experienced something new, who understands life a bit more, who takes new risks, who embraces failure to progress towards success.

Explore, Experience, Evolve, each day and you will reach new heights that will surprise you.

Thank you for reading the article, please share your views and comments.

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