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Neetu inspires to explore limitless possibilities of life and motivates achieving them.
She is a renowned keynote speaker, entrepreneur, executive coach, and corporate trainer.




About Neetu Choudhary

With her vast & diverse experience of more than 20 years, she has inspired millions to embark on the growth journey, think beyond limiting beliefs, and utilize resources to achieve new heights in life. Her unique style of training is based on neuroscience, neuroplasticity, neurotransmitters, NLP, emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset.

Neetu holds a Master’s degree in Computer Application, Six Sigma Black Belt, EFQM certified Assessor, ISACA-CGEIT,  ISO 9001-2015 lead auditor.

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Dr. Priyanka Hemant Pansare General Practitioner at RALS HEALTHCARE, UAE

I take great honor and pleasure to write this particular recommendation. Ms. Neetu exudes a persona of positivity, support, trust and respect. As a coach and motivational speaker she is exceptionally observant, compassionate, focused and very goal oriented. She not only helps you reach your destination but takes you through the tumultuous journey in the most serene manner. Ms.Neetu is highly intuitive, assertive at the same time, and has a knack for getting into the depth of any subject. True to her mission she is one of the best coaches and motivational speakers I have come across. I wish her all the best in their coming endeavours.

Chelsey Byrd Speaker Management Specialist at ISACA, USA

I have worked with Neetu on several occasions in the past. She has spoken at ISACA Conferences and done a great job with her speaking sessions. Neetu earned Top Rated Speaker at our Africa CACS 2019 conference with her session: A Structured Approach for the Effective Presentation. It is always a pleasure to work with her

Matt Trentler Head of APAC Cloud & Enterprise Security, JP Morgan & Chase, Hong Kong & USA

I had the pleasure of attending Neetu's presentation ''Strategies to manage difficult people and situations" at the ISACA Oceania conference in September 2021. Neetu was one of the top presenters I observed - her presentation was very informative, she did an exceptional job maximizing audience engagement, and her presentation flow was easy to follow. If I attend a future conference where Neetu is speaking, I plan to prioritize her session over all others. I enjoy her approach, the information that she shares is well researched and supported by data, and her delivery style is friendly and enjoyable.

Hayri Can Duygun President, ISACA Istanbul

Neetu, the incredible flow of her speech is like feeling the energy on your body during meditation. You are learning and at the same the flow makes you question and seek the truth. You can easily feel the flow starting from your ears and following the path from your brain to your heart. During her speech, you feel like you are on a journey. Because you are not just listening, you are feeling the moment and feel that your knowledge is growing. You start the journey with her soft voice, question what you know, and realize what you are really learning with strong examples rooted in science.

Yugunder Simha Bhaskar Group Learning and Development Specialist at dnata Travel Dubai

I have known Neetu, since 2012. She is very passionate about coaching and helping people achieve their full potential and work towards their life goals. She is very focused on self-development, and has achieved many certifications in her field of work. I have seen her taking her passion to the next level through her motivational posts on LinkedIn. I wish Neetu, the very best in her future endeavours.

Julia Pasztor Legal PA - Employment & Property- Pinsent Masons

Neetu is one of the most inspirational women I know! She has the magic to capture the audience from the first second till the very last with her warm, practical and knowledgeable approach. She adds value to every single attendee in her workshops and sessions. We are so excited to work more with her in future!

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