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Monk Mom

The book is a collection of various small events and the author’s keen observations of them from a different perspective on life. The book is an attempt to bring mindfulness to the mundane tasks of life. Awareness about every action in daily personal and professional life is the foundation for rapport building, sustainable success in business and personal life, and real happiness.

This book is written using simple language and common experiences for the benefit of a wider range of readers. Books are helpful to professionals, homemakers, parents, and children. Each chapter is an independent event, and chapters can be read in any order as per the readers’. Every story in the book is real and a first-hand experience of the author

Mindfulness is not something one does as a separate activity; it is part of daily life and needs to be instilled in every aspect of it. This book simplifies mindfulness in daily life with simple awareness of actions.

The book is full of insight into life, and readers come away with more respect for every moment, every relationship, and every experience in all its intricate ways. It is a work to bring mindfulness into a routine to expand possibilities of growth. Neetu shares her unique perception of small events in life and how we tend to ignore them, even though these small events only build up our big lives.

Success is not found in a few great milestones but in millions of small events that eventually accumulate into a great success. Just one step at a time, one event at a time, one relationship at a time. This is an ideal read for anyone who wants to live life mindfully and achieve magnificent dreams.

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