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My Story

My Story


An Educator evolved as a corporate professional, evolved as an entrepreneur, I am an explorer of life, with more than 20 years of extremely diverse and versatile expertise. I love life and everything about life. I am proud that my work inspires millions to love life, love challenges, failures, setbacks and use them as an opportunity for growth. 

Growing Up

Born in a humble family with 2 siblings and loads of love from parents, I enjoyed every bit of life. I was very attached to my paternal grandfather, he used to call me Lioness Cub as I was profoundly courageous. I inherited these qualities from my mother, she was an amazing woman with tremendous courage to take a stand for herself and knew how to make bold decisions in life. My father was a banker, a highly intelligent and humble person, I learned to focus, and determination from him. My mother passed away when I was 19 years old and was about to start my higher studies and my father passed away a few years back. I wish they were alive to see what I do; I am sure they would have been proud of how I make a difference in the life of millions. My father had a transferable job, so I had the opportunity to see most of India. I have travelled to more than 25 countries. Exposure to see the world has developed a deep respect for diversity and the ability to connect with people at a deeper level.

Higher Studies and Job

2002 was the year I completed my Master of Computer Application and was waiting for campus recruitment. That year no campus interviews were conducted due to the economic crisis after 9/11. I had big dreams but all I could see was the dead end. I went into acute depression; my father was the one who made me realize the value of life with his love. Being independent was the only thought I had from an early age; marriage was never in the plan. Initially, I joined training institutes and eventually engineering colleges as a lecturer of Computer Science for Engineering and MCA students. I loved the difference I could make in the lives of thousands of children. My first monthly salary was 1000 INR, which is around 13 USD. By 2006 end my maternal aunt literally forced me to apply for a job in a company, and with her determination, I joined a company in 2007. Initially, it was a culture shock for me, but I loved evolving with each experience.


Delivering a child in a foreign country with no family or support system while working full time was challenging but I feel proud of how I was able to manage it. I worked until the last day of my delivery and developed myself professionally after my daughter’s birth. She is my inspiration, and my husband is my strength.

Entrepreneur Journey

After being in the corporate world for almost 2 decades, I chose to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship that was entirely new. It took years to make up my mind and finally, a day came when I took the final step. Not knowing about the end result, I was still confident in what value I could add to the world. I never made a plan B; I don’t need it, as I know I will make plan A success in any case. At every stage of my life, I had a passion to learn, grow and explore life a little more. I have one of the most diverse careers -from an educator to IT Governance, IT Release Manager, Business Excellence expert, jury member, assessor, speaker, writer, trainer, coach, and mentor. I just love exploring, learning, and growing.

Relocating to Dubai

My marriage with a person from Chennai (Based in Dubai) is a story similar to the movie based on the novel “2 States”. Two people from totally different cultural backgrounds make a happy life. I knew nothing about Dubai but eventually with my determination, I excelled in Dubai and from there I spread my work across the globe.

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  • Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Associate NLP Practitioner
  • Certified in Coaching Essentials- Neuro-Semantics, 
  • Certified Associate and Leadership Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Organizational Development Coach, 
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Master of Computer Application 
  • B.Sc Computer Science 
  • ASQ – American Society of Quality certified Six Sigma Black Belt 
  • ISACA Certified in enterprise IT Governance 
  • EFQM Certified Assessor 
  • IRCA Certified ISO 9001-2015 Lead Auditor
  • CMMI Associate From CMMI Institute 
  • Certified UAE Innovation Awards Assessor 
  • PEOPLE CERT Certified in ITIL foundation 
  • PEOPLE CERT Certified in ITIL4 foundation 
  • Certified UAE Innovation Awards Assessor 
  • Trained in Balanced Scorecard



  • Best Public Speaker 2022 by Women Leadership Awards
  • Life coach of the year 2021 by Lifestyle Feasta 
  • Top-rated Speaker by ISACA USA
  • Awarded 1st place for the best feedback report in English during Dubai Quality Awards 2017 assessment cycle.
  • Brand Ambassador Award TAQDEER 2017-18-DP World Performance Award
  • Self-Developer Award TAQDEER 2015 -to recognize the exceptional accomplishments towards developing themselves through continuous education DP World.
  • CR Champion Award TAQDEER 2015 – to recognize people who make some difference to society through volunteering activities
  • Awarded in recognition of exemplary performance in successful implementation and appraisal of CMMI framework in DPW-IT and for an on-going contribution towards DP World UAE region’s success.
  • 3rd Quarter 2015 Awards for exemplary performance and for an ongoing contribution towards DP World UAE region’s success.
  • Awarded by CEO and Group Chairman of SUVI Information Systems Pvt ltd for institutionalization and successful CMMI-Dev Appraisal (SCAMPI-Class leading process A Appraisal).
  • Best Team for DQA Assessor during 2013 cycle of Dubai Quality Award.
  • Best Feedback Report for Assessors during 2013 cycle of Dubai Quality Award