International Women's Day


March 8, 2024    
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International Women’s Day
8th Mar 2024

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th across the globe to cherish the vital role women play in building communities, companies, and cultures.

This is the time to promote women’s leadership, nurture wellbeing, and encourage professional growth.

I am delighted to share the top 5 meticulously designed sessions to make this International Women’s Day Celebration even more special for you and your team. In-person, Online, and Hybrid.

Contact me now to book a session for your team soon. My Jan and Feb calendars got filled up faster, March would also be booked soon and you may miss getting the desired time slot for your team.

You cannot afford to miss these brilliant sessions when you care about your female teammates.
Neetu Choudhary

• Neuroscience of female leadership
• Brain-O-Brain: Building confidence and assertiveness
• Rewire the anxious brain to serenity.
• Master stress using neuroscience
• Make time for yourself using a structured approach.

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