Essential Skills for Professional Development- Harmony in Collaboration: Elevating Success through Teamwork


February 27, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Who hates -Next Promotion in the Job.Do you know which skills can help you grow in your job?I’m excited to invite you to an awesome audio event where experts from different industries will share key skills to take your career to new heights. They’ll also answer your questions in real time.Learn from these experts and boost your career!Join our special audio event every other Tuesday to explore a new skill that can help you grow professionally. Listen to industry experts, ask questions, and expand your professional network.Don’t miss the chance to hear from experts who want to see you succeed, ask questions from anywhere in the world, and connect with professionals worldwide.Audio event series title: “Essential Skills for Professional Development”Topic – Harmony in Collaboration: Elevating Success through TeamworkExpert Guests Reema Akhtar Forbes HR, Chartered MCIPD, SHRM-SCP Hitashi Malik I SPHRi I ODCP Ginelle Skinner John Fiby Francis ODCP ISABSDisclaimer: Recordings won’t be available for audio events. Once you miss it, it’s gone.We all start our day with the same 24 hours, but some of us end up with a great returns on their choices, while others experience a significant loss.You always have a choice.Can’t wait to see you on February 27, 2024, 7-8 PM Dubai Time

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